ABC. Evolved.TM

AccelBridgeTM represents a leap in the evolution of practical Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) systems.

Economical, durable, simple, and fast.   AccelBridge uses a unique prestressing system in conjunction with full-depth precast deck panels, enhancing joint performance and deck durability without requiring post-tensioning internal to the deck.

Proven. Versatile.

Steel and Concrete.   Box and I-girders.   New Construction and Redecking.   Field-proven as an effective, versatile, and contractor-friendly ABC technology.

Innovative. Roots.

Eddie He, PE, SE, Ph. D.,, Inventor and President of AccelBridge has spent his 25+ year career implementing innovative bridge designs and construction.

Eddie has participated in over 30 complex bridge projects, including cable stay, arch, segmental, post-tensioning, ABC, and construction equipment development. In the last ten years, he has worked on nine bridges which are listed in the annual "Top Ten bridges in the US" by "Road and Bridge"; as the lead designer for five projects and as the lead reviewer for another four.

From his early career as a construction engineer, Eddie developed an engineering style focused on providing straightforward, practical, and innovative solutions.

Eddie's work with Jean Muller International on the I-287 Sawmill Creek Parkway Viaducts in NY, with over 250,000 sf of post-tensioned full-depth precast deck, spurred a 15+ year pursuit of a better way to implement precast deck technology, culminating in the AccelBridge Systems.